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All applicant laboratories must be accredited to ISO 17025 or equivalent.

To register your laboratory with the Scheme:

i. Download the Registration Form from this site, complete with your laboratory's details and return as directed;  e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to request access.

ii. You will be contacted and given access to the ‘registered users’ area of the website. This area provides more detailed information on the Scheme including the Scheme Standard. You will be requested to submit details of the methods you propose to use to test Tesco products to the TLAS Consultant and to confirm a date for your Practical Audit.

iii. Following method approval a formal ‘Authorisation for Use of Methods’ certificate is issued detailing the methods approved and their source references.

iv. A Practical Audit of the laboratory operations is undertaken to verify Tesco requirements as detailed in the Standard. This primarily relates to the conduct and control of the test methods authorised and the procedures in place for the management of samples, results and records.  On successful completion of the audit process a Scope of Approval document is issued detailing the methods approved for use on Tesco products.

v. Approval must be renewed annually by the successful completion of a further practical audit which will include verification that the methods in use continue to be covered by an ‘Authorisation for Use of Methods’ certificate.

vi. Approved laboratories wishing to revise or modify the scientific or technical content of an authorised method or introduce a new method for testing Tesco products should apply to the TLAS Consultant for authorisation.  Such applications can be made at any time and the Scope of Approval modified or extended immediately or at the next annual audit as appropriate. A ‘Change to Method Authorisation Form’ is available on this website.

All applicant laboratories will be charged a registration fee which covers enrolment and an assessment of the suitability of your methods and their validation status. You will be given details of this following your initial enquiry.

Following registration, fees for the practical audit will be payable based on the extent of the Scope of Approval requested.

Fees for subsequent annual practical audits and any modification of, or extensions to the Scope of Approval will also apply.

Approval status will be suspended or withdrawn where a laboratory ceases to be accredited to ISO 17025 or equivalent, or where a TLAS audit finds a failure to comply with the TLAS Standard.

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